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We'd Rather Be In Japan: Gai-Nihonjin Unite!

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Intro Survey Thingummy [Jul. 23rd, 2006|02:36 am]
We'd Rather Be In Japan: Gai-Nihonjin Unite!


Name: Tracey
Age: 22

Number of times you've been to Japan: once
Amount of time you've stayed in Japan: the 2005-6 academic year
Where you've lived or where you've travelled in Japan: Tokyo, with side trips to Chiba, Yokosuka, Yokohama, Kamakura, and Kyoto for a week at the end of the trip
Reasons? (School, vacation, etc): study abroad-- art and Japanese at Temple University Japan
Japanese language fluency: I've been studying for three years. I can read and understand pretty well but am still nowhere near fluent. I'm starting to translate manga and can usually dissect subtitles pretty well while watching anime.

Favorite Japanese food: donburi
Favorite Japanese musical artist: The Pillows
Favorite Japanese film/TV show: the Crayon Shin-chan movie I saw on TV while I was there (the one where they all turn into superheroes), I've also become something of a SMAP fan...
Favorite Japanese sports team: didn't follow sports, but seeing news stories about the Bulgarian(?) sumo wrestler always made me happy

Why do you miss Japan?: One thing I miss is that community spirit. Sometimes it exhausted me, but overall it was comforting to know that every time I did something with friends, everyone wanted to make sure that each person had a good time and was taken care of.
What's one thing you don't miss about Japan?: Japanese men.
What facet (cultural, technological, etc) do you wish you could bring to the US?: public transportation via trains, including the ability to store credits on your cell phone and just point that at the gate instead of buying a ticket. I didn't get to use that, but I wish we had it here. And where I live in the States, we hardly have mass transit at all because it's too rural. If your car breaks down, you are just stranded til it gets fixed.
What facet (see above) do you wish you could bring from the US to Japan?
Tolerance for differences that can't be helped (racial differences, homosexuality, disability, etc.). Accessibility for disabled and elderly people. And I'd remove some of the group shame.
Random memory of being in Japan:
I was living in a hotel and using the public computers there, and didn't know that the computer room had been designated as a temporary dressing room for a singer giving a concert in the lobby. I didn't understand quickly enough that I should probably have left (there wasn't a sign on the door and nothing like this had happened before as far as I could tell), and she was in a hurry so she wound up dressing with me there. I apologized when she came back after the concert, and offered to leave, but she gestured that she didn't mind me staying there and I wound up staying again while she changed back out of her costume. I could choose to be embarrassed, but it was just a misunderstanding and I've chosen to laugh about it instead. I didn't watch her, and I think people are too uptight about nudity anyway.

I am the girl on the right. This was taken when we went moon viewing at the Yokohama Sankeien, which is a huge semi-private garden.


[User Picture]From: dokool
2006-07-23 01:09 pm (UTC)
Whee TUJ! Who were your professors?
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[User Picture]From: euphoriafish
2006-07-23 07:16 pm (UTC)
I had Yamaguchi for Japanese, Watanabe for a couple art classes, and Murai for art history. And I was priviledged to take Japanese film under the famous Donald Richie, but I really didn't get half as much out of that class as I did from Murai's art history classes.
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[User Picture]From: dokool
2006-07-23 07:20 pm (UTC)
Hah - I had three out of those four (didn't take anything w/ Murai), plus Ron Carr, Crazy German Karl, and Jeff Kingston. And yeah, Donald Richie's class isn't really the best class to learn something, but you do get to hear some great stories.

How's Yamaguchi-sensei these days? When I visited in June she wasn't there, which saddened me.
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[User Picture]From: euphoriafish
2006-07-30 03:12 am (UTC)
Yamaguchi-sensei was pregnant with another child when last I saw her ^_^ Maybe she's had it by now. She seemed pretty far along.
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[User Picture]From: dokool
2006-07-30 03:14 am (UTC)
Yay for another Yamaguchi-chibi!

Perhaps I shall see her when I return to Tokyo again.
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