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We'd Rather Be In Japan: Gai-Nihonjin Unite!

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Hello All!! [Nov. 28th, 2006|04:42 pm]
We'd Rather Be In Japan: Gai-Nihonjin Unite!


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Name:Lindsey (Or Rin-chan my host familys couldn't say my name!)

Number of times you've been to Japan: Once
Amount of time you've stayed in Japan: 2 weeks and two days
Where you've lived or where you've travelled in Japan: Southern end of Kyushuu in Sasebo and then I stayed in Nagasaki City as well as two days in Fukuoka.
Reasons? (School, vacation, etc): It was a summer cultural exchange trip and I've always wanted to go and my friend Sara begged me to go too!
Japanese language fluency: Not much to be quite honest I can get by speaking wise but I'm almost dead when it comes to reading,so I'm by no means fluent! I will keep studying hard!

Favorite Japanese food:I only can pick one?? Oh I'd have to say Udon with the tempura shrimp!!
Favorite Japanese musical artist: Don't laugh, I really enjoy X-Japan (They are pretty classic)even though I have like a bazillion others that I adore! Both J-Rock and J-Pop)
Favorite Japanese film/TV show: I just started watching Gal Circle and I do like to watch Utaban from time to time.
Favorite Japanese sports team: I don't really have one, but I did follow the soccer team for the World Cup, even though I'm not a big sports fan.

Why do you miss Japan?: I miss my host family in Sasebo especially my sister Manami and how nice and kind the people are and then of course there is the music, food and the Puri Kura!!
What's one thing you don't miss about Japan?: Natto (sp?) That nasty gooey green bean stuff!
What facet (cultural, technological, etc) do you wish you could bring to the US?: The musical/visual culture it's soo lively and different!
What facet (see above) do you wish you could bring from the US to Japan? Oh goodness I don't know... Probably the school uniforms!!  They are just too cute!

Random memory of being in Japan: The small herd of high school boys that followed Manami and I around one day in the Yonka-cho shopping mall. One of them (Yuki) we ended up at dinner with his family (apparently my host aunt was friends with his father).  There were like twenty people crammed into one tatami room in a really nice resturant.  My host aunt was drunk but a happy one and I nibbled on squid and talked to Yuki who flirted a bit but was pretty shy and he asked if I would marry him, it was embaressing because I don't think that was what he meant to say but afterwards everyone but the two of us had a good laugh and spend a half hour saying we'd make a good couple, at least that's what Manami told me because I couldn't understand everything that was being said.

From Left to Right: Myself, Manami, Manami's friend, Yuki, and the boy in the back is the friend's adopted or step brother I wasn't sure...  And Yuki refused to smile!! He was adorable when he did though!

And I can't wait to go back!  My savings account says I'm halfway there!!!